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Bathroom Vanity Installation Fresno


Upgrade your bathroom with a beautiful multifunctional vanity. This fixture benefits both small and large bathrooms because it can accommodate the sink and cabinet. If you are looking for more storage options but have no more space in your bathroom, an excellent option would be a vanity with smart storage features. For designs and tips, contact our bathroom vanity installation Fresno team today.

Homeowners can choose from the various sizes and designs of bathroom vanities. You can find prefabricated vanities that have the standard size and style. These options are more affordable and offer more practical functions. If you want a personalized vanity with unique and specific designs, you can ask our experts for a customized bathroom vanity that perfectly fits your bathroom. As experts, we recommend visiting showrooms and checking the bathroom vanity’s material in person. This way, there are no surprises and no regrets on your part. If you need help choosing the right type of bathroom vanity and which features to add, our professionals are always available to help you. Visit our store or set a consultation with us.

Advantages of Having A Bathroom Vanity
A bathroom vanity has plenty of functions, despite being only one large fixture. It accommodates the sink and the storage cabinets, so expect it to take up more space. Many homeowners prefer double sink vanities, especially when they have children who need to use the sink comfortably. One sink has a standard height of 32 inches, which is the ideal sink height for children. The other sink is typically for adults and has a height of 43 inches.

Whether you need a double sink vanity to cater to your child’s needs or you want to accommodate two adults using the bathroom vanity at the same time, rest assured you will find the bathroom vanity a very useful fixture at home. Check out some other benefits that your vanity can offer:

Smart Storage - The bathroom vanity can serve as storage for toiletries that would otherwise stay on the Toilet Installation Fresno, sink, or tub. With smart storage, your bathroom can look clutter-free with your cleaning chemicals tucked inside the cabinets or your makeup organized in drawers.

Stylish Options - Bathroom vanities have plenty of designs that you can match with your current bathroom style. For contemporary styles, you can get a vanity that has a contrasting color to your walls. You can personalize and mix and match your bathroom vanity through its knobs, handles, countertop, sink materials, and more.

Valuable Bathroom Fixture - A newly remodeled bathroom increases your home’s value, which means you can add a beautiful bathroom vanity to make your home even more enticing to the buyers. Choosing the right style will impress different homeowners, so consider investing in a durable, classic, and elegant bathroom vanity style.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas
The perfect bathroom vanity complements your bathroom layout. Look around and check if all your things have their own place. If not, it is time to upgrade and consider a better storage option.

Aside from storage, consider how much space the new vanity will take up. Floating vanities are on-trend because they create the illusion of more space. If your bathroom is small, consider open shelves where you can store frequently used materials and towels. The lack of enclosed fixtures and solid walls gives the idea of lightness and openness.

Another feature to consider as an addition to your bathroom vanity is proper lighting. This is especially helpful for grooming and creating the right ambient lighting when you feel like relaxing in your bathtub.

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